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4 Reasons You Should Book An In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

Arlington, Va In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session

1. Less Stress

Welcoming a new baby into your home can be stressful enough that's why I love being able to make it easy for you and come to your home to capture real-life images of baby, you, and the family in those first few weeks. No hassle of packing baby up and leaving the house since I do all the driving and packing.

2. Authentic Memories

I want you to have images that feel more like memories, surrounded by your things, in your actual spaces rather than some studio that means nothing to you. These are images that will hang on the walls or in an album that your child will look back at and be able to see what the house was like that they first lived in or what his/her nursery may have been like, or how you both looked in those first few weeks when you brought him/her home.

3. Timeless Imagery

I also want your images to be classic, so you feel good about them for years to come. Part of achieving that classic look has to do with choosing the right clothing, which is why I start by helping everyone determine what to wear.

4. Styling

Mommas, don't worry about what to wear instead, let me help you find something from my client closet that is perfect for the occasion and you will feel comfortable in. I will send you pics, and you can select a couple of options you like, and I will show up with them on the day of our shoot for you to wear..easy peasy! I also come with newborn swaddles and give you styling direction for what other family members should wear.

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