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Can you feel the love?

Golden hour Fall Family Session with the Finns in Northern Virginia

I met the Momma of this cute family at my favorite hair salon (Ash Salon) in Haymarket, Virginia. She was sitting in the rinse chair with her baby boy in her lap (we Moms do what we have to) and we instantly connected over the local equestrian world, our little boys, travel and mutual friends.

As we enter new chapters or stages of our lives, I believe it's important to continue to make new friends, because as life changes, so do you. And having friends who are in the same place in life as you to connect with makes it all just a little more enjoyable. So I'm thrilled to have met the Finn family and even more thrilled I was able to capture the beautiful love they share during our family session this fall. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from our session.....

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