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Cake Smash, Pool Bash

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Hurricane Florence chose a different path this past weekend and spared our son's First Birthday End of Summer Pool party bash! I'm eternally grateful to mother nature for giving me this one day. Rain, no hurricanes always hit on our big days, i.e. our wedding, honeymoon, house warming parties etc. but not this day. This day, the day after his first birthday ;) due to his Momma having to work all day, we celebrated this beautiful boys first year of life with an intimate party including just our immediate families and a couple of Grayson's friends.

I usually go big with my party invite lists, always trying to include everyone, but for once, this party wasn't about me, it was about my son and I wanted to keep my wishes off his list. I beat myself up all day about not having the time to do little things, like get balloons, or get gifts for the other kids and I may have failed at being the party planning queen, due to my overloaded schedule and I'm fully willing to turn over my crown because those days are over. However, I feel as if I achieved the most important goal which was simply to create an environment for my child to have fun and feel loved on his special day.

It also did not hurt that I ordered this beautiful little Pinterest worthy naked ombre smash cake from my friends new place at Haute Cakes Pastry Shop in Old Town Warrenton, Va. Here are a few images from the cake smashing.....

Naked Ombré Smash Cake

Naked Ombré Smash Cake

Priceless, his jaw dropped when we set the cake down!

Very Serious Business Mom

About to feed his dog some

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