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Bygone Sweetheart

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Middleburg, Virginia farm winery photoshoot
A picture of your mother dull colors of a bygone era a polaroid born faded a memory bestowed upon you by another a hearsay tale long lost in time more far than you can count on fingers she smiles a smile reserved for the unburdened you wonder when this woman is she looks happy....- Poem by OC

A bygone era happened in the distant past, and a bygone sweetheart is an early romantic interest remembered by someone who's since lived a long life.

I have a healthy obsession with the feeling of nostalgia and as a photographer I can feed that obsession. I'm often inspired for a photoshoot by an era long past. Sometimes it is a particular garment that sparks my inspiration. And my professors from VCU School of Arts Fashion can take all the credit for that lasting impression.

Photoshoots allow me to act out a dream I've had running through my head each time I pass a certain location, lay my hands on a garment, hear a moving song or read a line from a book that speaks to me.

For this particular look I was inspired by the Victorian era with its romantic tiered dresses and I wanted to pair this modern tiered skirt with the now trendy boater style hats I've seen all summer. Boater hats originally became popular in the 1950s but date back much further to the sailors of the 1700s.

"Few items of apparel have such rosy associations with long, lazy days on the inland waterways as the straw boater." ---Boater history.

When I'm putting together and styling a fashion shoot to photograph I'm in my element. The whole experience is magical for me....

Photography and styling by Jennifer Gray Calcagno

Model is Rebekah Greenhill

Hair by Josey Barbara (Radiance Salon & Medi-Spa)


Top by Fleur de Mal from

Boots by Sam Edelman

Vintage accessories from photographers personal collection

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