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Why I love Maternity Sessions

I am often asked "what's your favorite thing to photograph?" and I normally reply very broadly that it is "people" which is true, but it was not until this session with the Manley's that I realized it is those maternity sessions that really speak to me on another level.

Why? Because I am able to connect with that moment and the feelings they "the clients" are having.

The many changes that come with being pregnant and in preparing your lives for the birth of a child is something I can relate to very closely since I went through these stages myself when we gave birth to our son just over a year ago now.

I can relate to the annoyance during pregnancy like when people say things like.."You're tiny" or "You're huge" or they make other awkward jokes at your ever changing body size. I can relate to the fact that your body hurts like hell or you barely got any sleep because who can sleep on their side all night. I can relate to the fact that you don't know what this love is yet or this thing that's coming and how its going to change your life yet but there's no turning back anyways nor would you want to.

But perhaps most importantly what I love is that I can see this beauty in you. I can see that this belly is more than just a "big belly" that we place our hands on during photos, it is your child in there. And I LOVE being able to play a small role in helping you document these moments while you were preparing to become parents, before this child arrived and everything in your life changed forever.

Now onto the good stuff... The PHOTOS (or at least the ones you get to see, my clients get a full secret online album with many, many more to choose from)..............

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